Property is one of the biggest investments an individual will ever make in their lifetime.

At Logiudice Property Group, we see it as our responsibility to ensure you receive the greatest return on your property investment. What’s more, we believe this should occur in the most streamline, effortless way possible.

After more than a decade of providing professional residential property management services, we believe we’ve got it down to a fine art. Yet that’s not to say we find it easy. In fact, it’s our willingness to work hard which sees us deliver above par on virtually all aspects of residential property management, from innovative marketing strategies and superior communication to overall tenant and landlord satisfaction.

In other words, we do a lot more than just collect the rent. Our highly trained and experienced property managers take a hands-on, proactive approach to the management of every property, giving you invaluable peace of mind.

Our full suite of residential property management services includes, but is not limited to: rent appraisal, advertising, tenant selection, monthly statements, financial year statements, repairs and maintenance, inspections and arranging landlords insurance.

Residential Property Management Forms

Downloadable Forms:

All forms can be downloaded from the Department of Commerce.

Important Information for Tenants:

Applying for a property
You can obtain an Application for Residential Tenancy Form from a member of our staff or download the application form here.

Please note that your application will only be processed if you have:
(a) physically inspected the property; and
(b) provided the following:

  1. Copy of Photo Identification for every person in the application i.e. Drivers Licence or Passport (100 points of ID required for each person).
  2. Every tenant that will be residing at the premises must fill out their details and sign where required.

Your rights and duties

Your rights and duties as a tenant are set out in the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 & Residential Tenancy Regulations 1989. You can find a summary of these rights and duties in REIWA Form 310.

Security bond

The Standard Security Bond is 4 weeks’ rent and lasts the duration of your tenancy. It will be held by the Bond Administrator, which is part of the Department of Commerce.

Once the tenancy is finalised and agreement has been reached on the disbursement amounts, Bonds Admin will request that you accept the Application for Disposal of Security Bond, releasing the bond.

Property Condition Report

You will be given a Property Condition Report at the commencement of your tenancy.

Please read it thoroughly in accordance with the instructions on the report. You must retain one copy for yourself, and return one signed copy to our office within 14 days.

If you fail to do this, the Final Bond Inspection will be carried out against this original report.

Routine inspections

Our Property Manager will carry out a Routine Inspection approximately 6 weeks after commencement of the tenancy, and every 3 months thereafter. Please note that the owner may accompany the Property Manager on inspections.

Please ensure the property is presented in a clean and tidy manner.

Finalising your tenancy

You must notify the Property Manager of your intention to vacate the property in writing and as soon as possible.

For a periodic tenancy, you must give a minimum of 21 days’ notice.

For a fixed term tenancy, a minimum of 30 days’ notice is required to end the tenancy at the end of the lease.
**You will find the various Notice Forms below.**

  • refer to your Property Condition Report;
  • carry out carpet and general cleaning prior to returning your keys to the office.
  • return your keys to our office (rent will be charged until the keys are returned)
  • give the Property Manager your forwarding address at the time of returning your keys.

The Property Manager will carry out a Final Bond Inspection the next available working day and notify you of any cleaning or damage discrepancies.

Once we have calculated all deductions (if any) to be made to your Security Bond, we will forward a copy of the Disposal Statement including copies of invoices (if any) and apply to the Bonds Administration for the Disposal of Security Bond.